Remote Tower Evolution

The current uptake and evolution of the remote tower is gaining momentum. Expanding from its initial use case as a cost-saving solution for regional airports, the remote tower can now be utilised in many additional ways. Frequentis talks about its involvment in … Continued

Conference on Digital Aerodrome Towers

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In October the Digital Aerodrome Towers 2018, an international conference on Remote Tower Control issues, will be held Hamburg. There are several speakers from the SESAR project PJ05, among them Eszter Füredi (Hungarocontrol), Marcus Filipp (LFV), Jörn Jakobi (DLR), Jürgen Teutsch (NLR) … Continued

Radio Podcast from ILA about remote tower

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Here is a Radio Podcast of 29 April 2018 by Bayrischer Rundfunk in German language, from minute 11 to 20: