OPEN DAY – International Guests visit a V3 Multiple Remote Tower Validation Exercise at DLR Braunschweig

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Today on 23 Nov 2018 50 international guests visited the Open Day of a SESAR2020 PJ.05-02 Multiple Remote Tower validation exercise at the DLR site Braunschweig. The validation exercise moved the platform and the tested procedures to a higher maturity level: from maturity level V2 to V3. DLR together with its SESAR2020 partners Frequentis AG, Leonardo Germany GmbH & the Hungarian ANSP HungaroControl set up a human-in-the-loop simulation in which seven Hungarian Controllers handled complex traffic at three Hungarian aerodromes simultaneously. They were challenged with different wind scenarios, runway changes, emergency situations, runway inspections and had to coordinate these situations with approach control, MET Service, with the Airport Duty Manager and operated ground vehicles via three separated ground vehicle radio frequencies. The validation exercise took place from 12 November until 22 November 2018 and is a follow-on activity from trials in November 2017. In 35 hours of testing no impairment of safety was stated by the ATCOs.
The Open Day started with some introductory class room sessions including intermediate feedback from the Hungarian ATCOs. Afterwards the audience could observe two example test runs in the Remote Tower laboratory with the Hungarian ATCOs dealing with a wind direction driven runway change scenario and an emergency situation.
Find out more in the introduction presentation slides:
Next step with that V3 validation exercise will be a prototyp implementation in Budapest relaying live videos of three Hungarian Airports on a multiple remote Tower module. In March 2019 this V3 validation set up will be tested in a passive shadow mode trial and will also be succeeded with an Open Day Event (Invitation will follow on this web page).