Improving Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

SESAR solution 35 addresses the remotely provision of Air Traffic Services (ATS) from a Remote Tower Centre (RTC) to a large number of airports. This includes the development of RTC supervisor and support systems and advanced automation functions for a more cost efficient solution. This also covers the integration of approach for airports connected to the remote centre and connections between RTCs with systems for flow management and the development of tools and features for a flexible planning of all aerodromes connected to remote tower services.

Intended Benefits

  • Increase cost efficiency (with regard to remotely provided air traffic service for a single aerodrome or for multiple aerodromes with a fixed allocation) mainly through ATCO’s/AFISO’s productivity, resulting from more traffic managed by one ATCO/AFISO with the flexible allocation of aerodromes to RTMs; some technology cost improvements could also contribute at a lower level.
  • Maintain human performance and safety thanks to adjusted procedures and/or new system functionalities.

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