Enhanced safety, Increased cost efficiency, Improved human performance

Remote tower services for multiple airports

Providing air traffic services to multiple airports from one location brings cost benefits in terms of shared resources, job satisfaction, human performance and training costs. A remote tower centre (RTC) equipped with a number of remote tower modules can provide services to one or more airports from each module.

The SESAR Solution PJ.05-W2-35 consists of support functionalities in the multiple remote tower module, in order to allow flexible allocation of airports controlled from one module by one air traffic control officer (ATCO). It also offers the remote tower centre (RTC) supervisor support tools to assist in the task of allocating ATCOs and aerodromes in an RTC. It enables a flexible and dynamic allocation of airports connected to different remote tower modules over time. The solution also addresses harmonised procedures across all the remote tower modules in the RTC to make it easier for controllers to hold endorsements for more than three airports. Benefits are expected in terms of cost efficiency, safety and human performance.