EUROCAE published a new Remote Tower Standard – ED-240A by WG100

Today EUROCAE published a new Remote Tower Standard ED-240A. This document was prepared by EUROCAE Working Group (WG) 100 “Remote & Virtual Tower (RVT)” and was approved by the Council of EUROCAE on 30 October 2018. This document supersedes ED-240 Minimum Aviation System Performance Specification for Remote Tower Optical Systems (September 2016). The document has been updated to include Performance Standards with respect to Visual Tracking and PTZ Object Following function. Copies of this document may be obtained from the EUROCAE e-shop (free downloads for EUROCAE members).
EUROCAE performance standards and other documents are recommendations only and are valid as statements of official policy only when adopted by a government or conference of governments. The new industry standard is adopted by EASA and referenced in their Phase 2 updated guidelines NPA 2017-21, which are expected to be published short-term.
In March 2018 WG100 was tasked by the EUROCAE Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for another revision ED-240B, which will then cover processing and integration of information produced by existing or emerging surveillance systems/sensors, such as PSR, SSR, SMR, WAM/MLAT, ADS-B, and/or other sensors. The ED-240B revision is to be expected for publication by end of 2020.