Joint ENAV/UNIBO Open Day

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We are pleased to invite you to the joint ENAV/UNIBO Open Day for two PJ05-W2 Digital Technologies for Tower validation exercises:   Solution 35 EXE 2.4 Remote Tower Centre (RTC) with dynamic allocation of aerodromes to Multiple Remote Tower Modules and Solution 97.1 EXE 002 Virtual/Augmented Reality … Continued

Validation of Leonardo’s ASR tool

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In the frame of the research activities for the #SESAR Project PJ05-W2 “Digital Technologies for Tower” solution 97.2, aimed at the validation of innovative HMI interaction modes for #ATM Tower environments, #Leonardo has developed and integrated an Automatic Speech Recognition … Continued

Recording of Indra Webinar Online

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A recording of the Indra webinar on SESAR PJ05-W2 Multiple Remote Towers with dynamic allocation of aerodromes and Automatic Speech Recognition is now available. If you want to replay it, you can now watch it on youtube or on the … Continued