Successful Open Day in Rome presenting the ENAV Multiple Remote Tower validation exercise

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On November 29th in Rome ENAV successfully hosted the Open Day of its Multiple Remote Tower validation exercise with two airports. The Open Day started with some introductory sessions on the exercise approach and applied methodologies followed by the observation of a run in the simulation room.  The event saw the participation of a large number of international and national stakeholders and inspired useful debate on the concept under validation.
The real time simulation exercise is part of the wider validation stream of SESAR 2020 PJ05.02 “Remotely Provided Air Traffic Service for Multiple Aerodromes”.
The validation was conducted with the support of the ENAV partners Techno Sky, Nav Canada and NAIS and took place from 26th to 30th November 2018 at the ENAV National Test Facilities in Rome using the tower simulator TBA3D. Up to 13 scenarios representing different weather conditions and unusual events were executed, allowing the collection of feedback on Safety and Human Performance.