Validation of Leonardo’s ASR tool

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In the frame of the research activities for the #SESAR Project PJ05-W2 “Digital Technologies for Tower” solution 97.2, aimed at the validation of innovative HMI interaction modes for #ATM Tower environments, #Leonardo has developed and integrated an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) tool, whose validation exercise was carried out in Rome last week. The exercise simulated operations at a medium size airport with #ASR support. The aim of the tool is to reduce Air Traffic Controllers workload increasing airport capacity and throughput, in in the simulation we measured how ATCOs performance improves using ASR via their voices, instead of manually clicking and keying in orders.

Leonardo ASR first converts audio files into sequences of words, then it maps resulting structures onto ATM concepts, finally interacting with Leonardo Lead In Sky Working Position, where orders and commands are finally shown and executed. ASR is enhanced by using context-based data such as flight plans. Even in secure and constrained environments such as ATM Tower and Ground, different from cloud based voice assistants, ASR benefits were shown and appreciated by ATCOs.

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