Open Day: Remote Tower Center with a Highly Flexible Allocation of Aerodromes (PJ05-W2 Solution 35 EXE-2.1)

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DLR and its SESAR2020 PJ.05 DTT project partners Frequentis AG, the Lithuanian and Polish ANSPs Oro Navigacija and PANSA are conducting an OPEN DAY at DLR Braunschweig, Germany on 1st December 2021 (10:00–15:30 CET).

What is it about?

Participants will visit our exercise related to SESAR2020 solution 35 addressing SDM-210 “Highly Flexible Allocation of Aerodromes to Remote Tower Modules”. It is  a V3 validation exercise that explicitly focusses on the supervisor position and advanced planning tools to optimize the allocation in between of aerodromes, ATS officers and operator working positions in large Remote Tower Centers with a large number of connected aerodromes.

The exercise PJ.05-W2 EXE-2.1 will be conducted in the Remote Tower Laboratory at DLR Braunschweig from 15/11/2021 until 30/11/2021: In a real-time human-in-the-loop simulation two real ATCOs control up to three aerodromes each via two separate multiple Remote Tower Modules (mRTMs). An additional real supervisor ATCO acts in the back and, assisted by a planning tool, handles 15 aerodromes to find an optimal allocation of mRTMs and ATCOs to these aerodromes.

The Open Day starts with some introductory class room sessions incl. some intermediate feedback from the ATCOs. Thereafter the guests will watch an example test run in the DLR Remote Tower Laboratory with a Frequentis industrial prototype operated by Oro Navigacija and PANSA ATCOs and a supervisor. In the lunchbreak and in the Q&R session afterwards there will be enough time for networking and discussions.

Alternative: Open Day Webinar on 6th of December

As the current situation allows only for a very small number of visitors on-site, the project partners alternatively invite everybody interested to a follow-on Open Day Webinar on 6th of December from 13:00 to 14:15 CET with live presentations, interviews & panel discussions on the same topics. Click here for more information and the registration link.