Successful PJ05 Open Day in Bratislava for Advanced Automated MET System

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On 8th November in Bratislava LPS SR and its LTP MicroStep-MIS successfully hosted the Open Day of Advanced Automated MET System (SESAR 2020 PJ05.05 Solution). The system brings unique solution to mitigate current drawbacks of AWOS systems for automated weather observation and reporting, while in produced AUTOMETAR from such system some weather elements are reported in simplified form only and some are omitted completely.
After introductory presentation about SESAR background of the solution and validation exercise setup the system was demonstrated to participants from 5 countries and also first results were presented. Results were based on three months of data collection and parallel reporting of METAR (by official MET observer), AUTOMETAR from AWOS data only and AUTOMETAR from Advanced Automated MET System. Validation exercise proved that the system successfully provides enhanced observation and reporting of clouds, visibility as well as weather phenomena using integrated dual visible/infrared camera imagery compared to AWOS data only.