New EASA supporting regulatory material (“soft law”) for remote tower operations published + Workshop

On 19 February 2019 EASA issued ED Decision 2019/004/R on ‘remote aerodrome ATS’. This ED Decision, replacing the existing EASA guidance issued on the subject in 2015, takes into consideration the further evolution of the concept as well as experiences gained from R&D activities (e.g. SESAR) and initial implementations throughout the EU and US.
The updated guidance addresses operational, procedural, technological and human resources aspects of remote aerodrome ATS, as well as the management of change, with the main objective of facilitating its safe implementation and operation. It also makes reference to the recently published EUROCAE ED-240A technical standard. It further clarifies specific aspects related to ATCO licencing and training, and as a novelty, it introduces initial guidance on various aspects of ‘multiple mode of operation’.
The complete new EASA material is publically available on the EASA web:
In order to present the new material, EASA is organising a workshop on 28 May. Registration is now opened and more information is available here: