SESAR2020 PJ05 Multiple Remote Pre-trials at DLR Braunschweig Simulator

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From 18th until 20th October pre-trials for the human-in-the-Loop simulation in November (PJ05 EXE-05.02-V2-2.4) took place in the Remote Tower Laboratory at DLR Braunschweig. Together with Frequentis AG, Selex ES GmbH and HungaroControl a multiple remote Tower Module (MRTM) was set up to control three Hungarian Airports (RWY 13R/31L of Budapest, Debrecen and Papa) with simultaneous traffic by a single Air Traffic Controller Position. It was the first time such a threefold multiple setting was implemented and pre-tested by technical and operational experts. Two Hungarian ATCOs proved the HMI design, the panorama and PTZ view, and the traffic scenarios. With several but minor recommendations for improvement, the set-up was approved and the operational trials can be conducted as planned from the 13/11 until the 21/11.
On 22/11 it is planned to have an “open day” that would allow external to visit the set-up and to learnt more about the exercise.