Invitation for a Public Day to see a Remote-AFIS prototype

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Dear Remote Tower Partners,
In Oct/Nov 2019 DLR and students from the RWTH Aachen und HS Osnabrück tested a very low cost remote tower solution. The concept particularly addresses very small airport with max. AFIS service or even no ATS at all – airports or airfields, which would benefit from remote services but cannot afford state-of-the-art remote tower technology. For that purpose we developed a concept that bases on low-cost optical sensors and a virtual reality environment.
VR is implemented by a VR headset, which was fed with live data from Braunschweig Airport enabled by low cost optical sensors, showing a basic 180° panorama and a PTZ which could be controlled via a head tracking function, which is already part of the VR headset. This concept has the advantage of extremely small implementation and maintenance costs and would make affordable remote ATS even for smaller airports or airfields. The VR headset is easily to be plugged and play everywhere where network is available, even on conventional Towers, to provide Unicom, ATS or ATC remotely. The trials were performed at DLR Braunschweig with 9 German ATCOs & AFISOs who liked the idea and admitted that this concept has its potentials, particularly for AFIS/Unicom use cases, for instance to extent opening hours of AFIS airports.

On 25 February 2020 an Open Day is planned at DLR’s premises to present the results and have a hands-on demonstration to which you are cordially invited.

The Open Day starts with some introductory class room sessions incl. some intermediate feedback from the ATCOs/AFISOs.  Afterwards you can enter the virtual environment by putting on the VR headset to watch Braunschweig airport and to interact with virtual HMI features. Q&A and discussion how to proceed with Remote-AFIS are planned at the end of the Public Day.
We’re looking forward seeing you here in Braunschweig!

For Registration:
Please send a registration email to julia.hoever(at) keeping me in cc joern.jakobi(at) by providing the following data:

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  • Please await that your registration is confirmed by us before making any travel arrangements since we are limited in group size capacity.
  • First comes first served principle – in other words: when full then full