ACI EUROPE-SESAR Workshop: Remote Towers (Budapest, 28/09/2017)

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In a workshop, organised by ACI EUROPE and the SESAR Joint Undertaking in Budapest on 27-28 September, SESAR Remote Tower solutions with illustrative case studies of remote tower validations and implementations at several European Airports were presented and discussed. Also current Remote Tower activities like the SESAR2020 PJ05 Remote Tower for Multiple Airports Project and current EUROCAE Standardisation activities were introduced and discussed among the approximately 60 participants from Airports and ANSP. Below you can find the links to the Agenda and the presentations hold.

To view the presentations and photos, please click here.
To see the discussions that occurred during this workshop, check out this Storify link of ACI EUROPE’s tweets.
The main takeaways can be summarised as follows:

  • Single remote towers are now a reality and are already in operation in Europe.
  • Research continues into other applications, such as multiple remote tower operations.
  • Each airport is unique. The concept and technology must be adapted to local needs and constraints.
  • The remote technologies open up many new possibilities but require addressing the human factor and change management.
  • To successfully develop and deploy remote towers require the involvement with the authorities and airport from the very beginning.
  • Standardisation and regulation are progressing in this area.