Invitation – OPEN DAY- PJ05 – Advanced Automated MET System (LPS Bratislava, 08/11/2018)

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LPS SR, š. p. the Slovakian air navigation Service Provider, is very happy to invite you to a validation exercise EXE-05.05-TRL4-5.1-LPS demonstration of SESAR solution PJ.05-05. The Open day will take place at the LPS SR premises in Bratislava, Slovakia on 8th November 2018 .

LPS SR as a member of B4 Consortium in cooperation with the MicroStep-MIS company will conduct validation exercise demonstration as part of TRL4 phase within SESAR2020 PJ05-05 project. The open day will be an excellent opportunity to:

  • be presented with the platform – Poprad Airport Testbed
  • be part of a validation exercise demonstration
  • answer your questions regarding the exercise

In the first part, there will be a presentation of the architecture, how does the system work (how do all the needed data get into the system, where the AI compiles the AUTOMETAR). There are sensors supported by the IR/VIS camera, which can actually see the clouds.

In the second part, there will be a validation demonstration, where actual images from the camera will be shown, what the camera can actually see and how does it enhance the AUTOMETAR. Also some results will be shown, where our enhanced AUTOMETAR will be compared with the current AUTOMETAR without the camera.

You’re kindly asked to send LPS your confirmation till 25th October by email to and in CC.

PJ.05-05_Open Day Agenda

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